I studied Fine Art, Sculpture at Wolverhampton Art College, after which I taught myself ceramic production techniques and set up a small business. I ran the enterprise for eight years making and selling ceramic giftware to national and international galleries and shops. This marketing, business, practical and design experience led to working for the Crafts Council, where I recognised that there was little or no professional training for students and artists to support their careers, look for new platforms for their work, and develop their practices.

Later as a freelance arts consultant and project manager I specialised in the area of Professional Development for artists, designers and craftspeople, collaborating with museums and galleries, as well as working with Arts Council, local authorities, development agencies and artists groups. I have worked for universities as a lecturer, course leader, course accreditor and Research Fellow.

A collaborative approach has been part of my practice, whether it is as an artist or working in the arts and I see them as mutually beneficial. I am a member of a group of eight artists. We meet regularly to discuss our work and support each other through peer mentoring and work collaboratively to plan group activities.

I am interested in museums and historical sites, where a dialogue can emerge between collections and contemporary work. The subject matter of museums: social, natural and family history and how objects are presented, displays changed, re-interpreted are fascinating. Artists’ interventions into collections can shed new light onto a familiar view.